Monday, May 26, 2008

Wondering & Looking Ahead

I am just sitting here wondering why Dad Gone Mad has to ruin his blog by using such crude language on his blog. Believe you me when I say I am far from a prude, but I know there are some younger (teens & subteens) who read his Blog. I for one will no longer check his blog every day like I did because I really enjoyed his take on Hockey.

Just wondering what happen to some of the kids I knew at Snake River Junior & High School.
I have heard from Anita Martin Jacobson, but I have also been looking to hear from others also like D. Caldwell, M. Driscoll, Coach Meacham, Coach Bray, B. Draper.

Just wonder what it will be like at the Bonners Ferry Reunion this summer not having seen some of the folks for about 40 plus years. (Scary Thought)

Now on to something more.
Looking forward to Mimi's soccer game this week.

Looking forward to watching Kennedy run barrells and do goat tail tying for the Northwest Youth Rodeo Assoc. at the St Paul Rodeo Grounds in St Paul OR.

Looking forward to watching Austin doing barrells, pole bending, bareback bronc, and bull riding.

Check out the NWYRA at.

It is a great web site fun to watch.

Looking forward to Willamette Junior Rodeo at the Mollala Buckeroo Grounds as both Austin and Connar both want to ride bulls there. It will be Connars very first ride and hopefully not his last as I would also like him to be able to do barrells, chute dogging, and steer dobbing too. I think it would be really good for him.

Check out the WVJRA at.

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Melenie said...

I like the new set-up, Dad! Looks great :) It's hard to believe rodeo season is already upon us! Am I ready? Not sure yet.

I agree with you regarding Dad Gone Mad. It takes away from his story is unnecessary. Now, we are most definitely not prude in our family (ha ha ha!) but there comes a point when it is just disgusting. Too bad...he's a great writer otherwise and tells the most hilarious stories.

Love you,